Top Line

Musiccenter 151 MK2 Review

Burmester’s 151 MK2 Musiccenter delivers on its designer’s promise. When paired with a quality external preamp, it facilitates all the joys, sorrows, sadness, and jubilation music offers.

6Moons Burmester 089 Review

The 089 is equipped with analog and digital inputs. There are XLRs and RCA inputs and coax and optical. The unit thus can be used as a preamplifier.

Burmester Top Line 100 Phono Preamp

This is an expensive product, but having played with many expensive pieces of audio equipment, this one stands out for its exceptional build quality.

The Masterpiece

The Burmester 089 is a true luxury product. However, it doesn’t rest on its beautiful appearance, but masterfully plays its role as a competently and sensually acting music broker.

088 Preamplifier Review

While older preamplifiers like the 011 boast a few unbalanced inputs and a pair of unbalanced variable
outputs, the 088 is balanced throughout and utilizes XLR inputs and outputs.