Burmester 099 Preamplifier

There are two current schools of thought when it comes to high-end audio. The first is a series of regular changes to the line (the Mk I becomes the Mk II and so on), and the other is the Burmester way.

A perfect blend of analog and digital: 100 phono preamp

If you only require one phono input and do not possess an all Burmester system, the 100 Phono
is probably a bit on the high side of the price spectrum, but it becomes more reasonable (at least
as reasonable as a $20,000 + phono stage can be…) as you add the second input and even
more so if you make the ADC part of the bargain.

Burmester Top Line 100 Phono Preamp

This is an expensive product, but having played with many expensive pieces of audio equipment, this one stands out for its exceptional build quality.

088 Preamplifier Review

While older preamplifiers like the 011 boast a few unbalanced inputs and a pair of unbalanced variable
outputs, the 088 is balanced throughout and utilizes XLR inputs and outputs.