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Mono&Stereo Burmester CD 061 Review

CD 061 is delight to the ears and will play “MUSIC”. I would suggest you try it in your system and see what CD 061 mens for your prefer genres.

Burmester 099 Preamplifier

There are two current schools of thought when it comes to high-end audio. The first is a series of regular changes to the line (the Mk I becomes the Mk II and so on), and the other is the Burmester way.

Burmester 101 Integrated Amp Review

We need more products like the Burmester 101, for making the right noises to the environmental brigade, and making the right noises for the right listener too!

061 CD Player Review

Burmester, and the 061 CD player in
particular, are well worth serious investigation.