B100 Loudspeaker

for all lines

Powerful sound reproduction across the entire audio spectrum


With its imposing size and elegant design, it becomes an aesthetic eye-catcher that, on the one hand, has a striking effect in every room and, on the other hand, can be integrated into any living environment. The use of the finest materials emphasizes the value of this exclusive design object. The outer shape of the B100 loudspeaker thematizes the wings of modern aircraft and gives the large floorstanding loudspeaker from the Burmester portfolio an astonishingly aesthetic lightness, not only in terms of sound, but also optically. Midrange and tweeters are arranged in a so-called d’Appolito configuration, which enables symmetrical radiation, high impulse stability and relaxed long-term listening.


The B100 loudspeaker is produced in the Berlin loudspeaker factory in both complex and meticulous manual work. Before installation, all loudspeaker chassis are precisely measured, selected into perfect pairs and artificially aged for seven days, 24 hours at a time. This enormous effort is made to anticipate a change in the sound character of the customer.

technical details

282 lb
622 mm
Nominal load capacity
400 W
Sensitivity at 2.83V / 1m
93 dB
Nominal impedance
3 Ω
Transmission range +/- 3 dB
30 - 45,000 Hz
2 x Air Motion Transformers
Midrange converter
2 x 130 mm Kevlar® membrane, double ventilated voice coil
2 x 275 mm glass fiber cone, double ventilated voice coil
Crossover frequencies
160 / 2,400 Hz