808 mk5 preamplifier

reference line

Unsurpassed in terms of sound quality and uniqueness of functions.


The fully equipped module section on the top of the device is made up of up to 20 chrome-plated special potentiometers and various toggle switches. The unsurpassed versatility immediately catches the eye and leaves no doubt about the universal applicability of this control center. The shiny chrome front is adorned with three large and fully locking rotary knobs, which are used for input selection and volume control for the individual inputs. The external power supply underpins the uncompromising high-end claim of the 808 MK5 preamplifier, which is achieved through the unconditional use of engineering spirit and components at the highest level.


Originally developed for the direct comparison of different pickup systems, the 808 MK5 preamplifier, which has meanwhile established itself as a high-end icon in the preamplifier area, is handcrafted with the greatest care. Every single module is created with the same precision and goes through the strict testing process that stands at the end of the production chain of every single Burmester product.

technical details

22 kg
483 mm
174.5 mm
378 mm
CD-Sym, SR-Thruput additionally max. 4 input modules of your choice
Input phono
optional MM / MC
1x output set sym / asym with XLR and RCA optional 2 output set
Number of module slots
Input: 6 Output: 2
Optional modules
Phono MC / MM, line