175 turntable

Joining the vinyl revolution.

After 35 years of experience in the processing of finest audio signals, Burmester now crowns its series of successful phono preamplifiers with a turntable. 


Carbon-aluminum tube tonearm.

Its bearing is a hybrid of steel and ceramic that guarantees clean sampling of the vinyl treasures.

AC synchronous motors.

The multiple belt system ensures no irregular tensions on the central bearing. The two-fold design of this arrangement shortens the ramp up time and improves synchronization.


Platter & Tonearm

The turntable of the 175 record player is a sandwich construction made of two layers of aluminum and another layer of brass in between. This construction principle ensures optimal damping and, as a result, fewer resonances. The bitumen coating on the back of the plate further increases the damping properties. The platter bearing is designed to be maintenance-free for life and is therefore always ready for use. The sub-platter with cone enables the platter to be placed very easily and is automatically centered for perfect concentricity.

In addition to the turntable, the gimbal-mounted 9 inch tonearm with carbon-aluminum tube is also the guardian of the sacred sound. Its storage in the form of a hybrid bearing made of steel and ceramic guarantees that the vinyl treasures can be scanned cleanly. The anti-skating can be precisely adjusted using the adjusting knob.


The 175 record player is driven by four motors that are located in the outer square around the sub-platter. This squaring of the circle and the use of several belts ensure that there is no uneven tension on the central bearing. The duplication of this arrangement shortens the run-up time and improves the synchronization. This results in improved sound and a quick drive start-up time at the same time.

In addition to the mechanics and the arrangement of the drive components, the control electronics and the motors are also decisive for a convincing sound experience. The AC synchronous motors used are driven by digital motor electronics, which do their work with their high-precision oscillator and perfect sinusoidal voltage. The electronics are completely immune to fluctuations in the mains voltage frequency. Due to the high efficiency of the electronics, the driver stages and the motors, the entire unit remains cool and free from heat-related impairments.



technical details

134 lb
Frequency response (+ 0.2dB / -3dB)
16 Hz - 102 kHz (subsonic filter at 16 Hz)
Self-noise at the exit
-71 dBV (unweighted 22.4 kHz)
Input impedances (MC)
4.7 kΩ, 1.0 kΩ, 470 Ω, 330 Ω, 220 Ω, 100 Ω (recommended setting for factory cartridges)
Harmonic distortion at 1kHz / 0.5mV
Gain at 1kHz
70 dB