100 preamplifier

top line

Combining the best features for the perfect analog sound.


The engravings on the classic chrome front give an idea of ​​the functionality of the phono preamplifier. The ensemble of toggle switches that adorns the front of the device enables a circuit topology that takes into account the most varied of requirements. The nostalgic-looking VU meter is not only used to display the level for the left and right channels or their mono sum. At the same time, inequalities between the left and right channels can be seen at first glance.


Regardless of whether it is a basic version or fully equipped, the 100 phono preamplifier is also made by hand by the highly qualified employees in the Berlin factory. Every toggle switch, all setting options and, last but not least, the perfect sound quality are checked in the final function test.

technical details

9 kg
482 mm
96 mm
344 mm
max. 4 sym / 7 asym
Phono inputs (MC / MM
1 sym module MM / MC 1 sym module (optional)
Analog Outputs
1 XLR, 1 RCA
Digital outputs (with ADC)
1x RCA, 1x Toslink / optical (= LWL) additionally 1 sym module (optional)
Optional modules
A / D converter