088 preamplifier

top line

It's easy and intuitive to use for a relaxed listening experience.


The two rotary knobs for input selection and volume structure the classic chrome front of the 088 preamplifier. Additional functions can be selected using various flashing chrome toggle switches. The appearance of the 088 is rounded off with the curved Burmester lettering and the model name above the power switch, which brings the device to life, lets it slumber in standby mode until the next use, or switches the device off completely. A look at the back reveals the wide range of connection options.


The exquisite front, which determines the appearance of the Burmester Top Line devices, is refined in a complex process by selected suppliers. The extraordinary quality of the construction from the highest quality selected components is immediately apparent. Even the individual screws for fastening the front are chrome-plated separately and checked for uncompromising quality during the incoming inspection.

technical details

9 kg
482 mm
96.7 mm
344.5 mm
6 XLR / 1 RCA
Input phono
optional MM / MC
1 XLR, 1 tape out (XLR)
Headphone output
1x 6.3 mm
Optional modules
Phono MC / MM, DAC, Line
Number of module slots