077 preamplifier

reference line

The 077 offers exquisite sound and a relaxed listening experience.


The Reference Line housing of the 077 preamplifier exudes the absolute sovereignty that the preamplifier also possesses when it comes to signal processing. The processing of the massive aluminum housing leaves nothing to be desired and illustrates the high standard of development and the vertical range of manufacture in terms of design. The 077 preamplifier rests on a special base plate with carbon fiber damping. The mechanical decoupling achieved in this way guarantees absolute insensitivity to interference. The 077 variant with an external power supply fulfills the desire for unrestricted perfection.


The filigree technology of the 077 preamplifier merges with the excellently crafted aluminum housing in the Berlin manufactory. The hand-assembled circuit boards, the powerful X-AMP 2 amplifier stages, the XLR connections and the other selected components are put together with the greatest care. Even the optional modules that are available for individual assembly are carefully handcrafted and are subject to the same strict testing process as the preamplifier itself.process as the Reference Line devices.

technical details

25 kg
450 mm
156 mm
346 mm
6 XLR / 1 RCA
Input phono
optional MM / MC
1 XLR, 1 XLR (variable / fixed)
Headphone output
2 × 6.3 mm, can be divided into 2 zones
Optional modules
Phono MC / MM, DAC, Line