burmester audio system

Burmester was already producing handcrafted audio systems and components since 1977. Today we are continuing this tradition as the last independent high-end manufacturer of its kind.
burmester 175


The new Burmester 175, sitting a-top three magnetically isolated feet and powered by four motors, includes an in-house built 9″ arm, cartridge, power supply and phono stage.
belt-driven cd drives

cd player

Burmester CD players continues to enthral music lovers with its analog sound quality.
modular designs


These prize-winning preamplifiers carries the enduring tradition of Burmester craftsmanship and technical innovation.
top of the line

power amplifier

Given the unit’s extreme high damping factor, a Burmester amplifier’s sound quality is perfectly carried out with much detail and nuances intact.

integrated amplifier

Pure, unadulterated, and simply iconic. The sounds it produce reveals how these units are perfectly built.
impressive sound


Whenever sound is relayed through a Burmester loudspeaker, listeners are absolutely guaranteed with total musical experience that is immersive and in-depth.

phase 3

Porsche and Mercedes-Benz Burmester have come up with an impressive all-in-one audio system that fuses digital innovation and musical expertise.

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