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Burmester has been producing handcrafted audio systems and components since 1977. Today we continue this tradition as the last German independent high-end manufacturer of its kind.

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new products

218 Power Amplifier

The 218 power amplifier is visually and sonically oriented towards our flagship 159 amplifier. At the same time, the Reference Line power amplifier consistently benefits from the experience and knowledge that Burmester has derived from four decades of successful amplifier development

216 Power Amplifier

The 216 power amplifier can drive speakers with the lowest impedance values and complex loads easily, to achieve a transparent and spacious sound with superior dynamics.

151 MK2
151 MK2 Musiccenter

The 111 Musiccenter is an audiophile masterpiece that sets a new standard for digital music reproduction. The technology combines a music server, CD player, CD ripper, a DAC, and an analog preamplifier for a groundbreaking variety of functions.

217 Turntable

The 217 is Burmester’s first turntable introduced to its renowned Top Line series. The 217 prioritizes optimal playback quality above all – and utilizes highly intuitive operability. During the research and development process of the 217, Burmester was able to draw on more than 35 years of processing experience with the highest-quality phono signal and make excellent use of its know-how to offer additional products in the vinyl portfolio.

BC150 Loudspeaker

The new BC150 is given the same uncompromising, obsessive-compulsive approach to design and engineering. Alongside the two AMT folded ribbon tweeters (one front firing; a second, smaller and rear-mounted for adjusting spatial properties in room), the midrange is a Scanspeak design, heavily modified to Burmester’s spec.



perfect analog sound


With more than three decades of experience in the processing of finest audio signals, Burmester now crowns its series of successful phono preamplifiers with the production of benchmark-setting turntables.
belt-driven cd drives

cd players

Burmester CD players continues to enthral music lovers with its analog sound quality.
modular designs


These prize-winning preamplifiers carries the enduring tradition of Burmester craftsmanship and technical innovation.
top of the line

power amplifiers

Given the unit’s extreme high damping factor, a Burmester amplifier’s sound quality is perfectly carried out with much detail and nuances intact.

integrated amplifiers

Pure, unadulterated, and simply iconic. The sounds it produce reveals how these units are perfectly built.
impressive sound


Whenever sound is relayed through a Burmester loudspeaker, listeners are absolutely guaranteed with total musical experience that is immersive and in-depth.

phase 3

An impressive all-in-one audio system that fuses digital innovation and musical expertise.

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